Your Future Wooden Fence Needs a Skilled Fence Contractor

Backed by over two decades of experience and wowing clients since 2002, today GTO Iron Works’s team is widely known for handling a variety of fencing services, that include installations, repairs, and replacements. As a reputable fence contractor, one of our main areas of expertise is wood fences. Here is what that service covers.

But First, Why Choose Wood?

Wood is an incredibly diverse material that is ideal for fencing for a variety of reasons. It can be cut into virtually any shape and size you want, and it leaves room for artistic finishes. It is also cost-effective, it provides sufficient privacy, and it is lightweight, which means installing the fence will not take too long. And, if you favor sustainability choices, you will love the fact that wood fences are biodegradable.

Precision in Installation

If you rely on us as your wood fence contractor, you can expect a swift and hassle-free installation. We will carefully level the land and plan the setup process, so every detail is accounted for and executed correctly. One of the best things about wood is that it can fit any setting and architecture type, so it is a good idea whenever you cannot decide between options. Our installations cover consultations as well.

Attention to Detail in Repairs

If your wooden fence has seen better days, turn to us. We can address issues such as leaning or damaged sections, rotten wood, poor installation, fallen posts, and more. GTO Iron Works’s licensed, insured, and bonded team will not fail to restore your fence to its original state.

Decorative Wood Fences

Got a garden you wish to enclose? Perhaps you want a pet fence? Great! Wood is a great option in this case. Make us your fence contractor in Houston, TX, and let us build a cool-looking decorative wood fence for you!

Are you looking for a company specializing in wood fences in Houston, TX? Call us at (832) 384-4915 and let us handle it. It is that easy!